Pearl Nautilus Shell, Octopus Coral, and Finger Starfish
Large Crystal Prism on Antique Inkwell
Starfish, Cross, and Turquoise Turbo Shell
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Stars, Prisms, and Sea Horses
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Brown Coral on Amber Medicine Bottle
Blue Ridge Corals
Sea Fan and Shell Bust
Crystal Prism on Aqua Medicine Bottle
Large Sehorse on 1860 Medicine Bottle
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Rare Purple Pacific Coral
Stag Horn Coral on Lead Crystal
Vintage Crystal & Silver
Pearl & Natural Nautilus Shells
Large Finger Starfish
Silver Champagne Bucket with Sealife
Coral & Gems on Japanese Fishing Float
Branch Coral on Vintage Bottle
Birdsnest Coral on Japanese Water Bottle
Mushroom Coral on Vintage Crystal Inkwell
Birds Nest Coral & Drupa Shells
Vintage Prisms on Antique Bottle
Vintage Prisms on Seltzer Bottle
Barnacles on Vintage Amethyst GLass
Seafan on Silver Candlestick