Secret Cove, British Columbia is on the beautiful untamed west coast of Canada, north of Vancouver.  The Sunshine Coast is populated with artists and artisans whose love for the ocean is always reflected in their magnificent creations.

Secrets from the Cove Studio is a small company with a huge heart.  Sharing our gifts from the sea by creating original, rustic, yet refined sea sculptures is our goal. 

Many of our vintage bottles have been salvaged from the coves  near our studio by professional bottle divers and diggers! Our sealife comes from ethical traders to ensure the continued health of our coral reefs and endangered species.

Sea Horses and Stars
Octopus Coral on Vintage Inkwell
We invite you to browse through our samples to find the perfect treasure for your home!

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African Turbo Shell
Branch and Finger Coral
Cauliflower Coral with Silver Starfish