Pricing is based on 3 factors:

The value of the vintage bottle or antique crystal decanter.
The value of the sea life.
The value of the other materials used to create the delicate yet durable design of your objets d'art.

Prices range from $49 to $650.
We offer different options for each one-of-a kind creation, using natural sea life like coral, sea fans, sea horses, sea urchins, and exotic shells as well as glass gems and vintage crystals and prisms from antique chandeliers. 

The bottles range from iridescent clear glass to the ocean tones of blue and green, the lavender of amythest glass, to the deepest shades of copper and rust.  Each rare bottle or crystal decanter becomes the perfect pedestal for the unique sealife, while the heavy solder offers the look of aged iron, timeworn silver, or the black patina of an ancient stained glass window.

Custom commissioned pieces are our specialty!
You choose the color, size, and design and we will create a rare jewel for your coastal home.
Grouping your pieces together creates an elegant still life design!
We offer sets of 3 , 5, or 7 pieces starting at $150
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